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Human Resource Certification Institute Recertification

The HR Certification Institute is a global leader in developing rigorous exams to demonstrate mastery and real-world application of forward-thinking HR practices, policies and principles. Re-certification shows you are committed to your future and the future of your organization and demonstrates a continued dedication to staying up to date with changing HR laws, best practices and innovative labor strategies. For more information about HRCI and its certifications, please visit

eLearning by Monster offers the following HRCI approved Interactive online training that makes it easy to fulfill the requirements for recertification:

HRCI Training

Courses in HRCI

401(k) Plans

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This 3 hour online training course explains important features and benefits of a 401(k) plan, some points to keep in mind about protecting your investments, and how to enroll in a 401(k) plan.

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Building Relationships

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This series will help you build bridges and improve your business relationships throught strong networks among your peers and effective communication in the workplace to get your point across. The series includes 5 hours of online courses on:

  • Socializing at work
  • Understanding Behavioral Intentions
  • Choosing your approach
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Business Ethics

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The Business Ethics series provides a common sense, practical approach towards tackling ethical dilemmas at work. The series takes an honest, realistic view of how managers can help improve ethical behavior in the rushed, output-driven business environment. The series includes 5 hours of online training on:

  • What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
  • Everyday Ethical Dilemmas
  • Ethical Dilemmas and the Law
  • Individual Values; Organizational Values
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A Manager’s Guide to Career Coaching (Videos)

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A successful leader encourages and guides employee development. Our coaching programs will teach you to become a mentor to your employees, helping them to make career decisions, acquire new skills and enhance professional performance. This series contains coaching videos on:

  • Performance Coaching: Career Coaching
  • Performance Coaching: Collaborating
  • Performance Coaching: Mentoring
  • Performance Coaching: Training
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Communication (Videos)

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Effective communication sets the foundation for individual and organizational success. When you master effective communication skills, you gain a great deal of power - the power to get things done. Our communication programs focus on building the key skills you need to communicate successfully. This series contains 15 videos on effective communication:

  • Curing Common Meeting Ailments (Interview)
  • Effective Business Writing (Video)
  • High Performance Communication (Video)
  • Keeping Meeting Participants Awake (Interview)
  • The People Styles Model (Video)
  • People Styles at Work (Video)
  • Resolving Conflict (Video)
  • Telephone Etiquette (Video)
  • The Influence Edge and E-Mail (Video)
  • Understanding Negotiation (Video)
  • Effective Business Presentations (Video)
  • Giving an Apology at Work (Video)
  • Leading a Successful Meeting (Video)
  • Making Group Decisions (Video)
  • Working Through Conflict (Video)
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Dealing with Difficult People

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Individuals interested in establishing better working relationships with difficult peers, supervisors, or subordinates will benefit from this series. This series, consisting of 7 online courses, presents strategies for handling interpersonal tension in the workplace and deals with issues such as considerations, attitude, trust, power, communication and responsibility. In each course, learners will gain insight into analyzing situations, determining the best courses of action, and resolving problems.

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Doing Business in China

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This 3 hour online course provides the fundamentals of Chinese business etiquette. It discusses a variety of social situations, such as business meetings and meals, that might come up on a business trip to China. This course also describes a cultural intelligence approach to working with the Chinese. Through this course you will learn:

  • How cultural intelligence can help you through the formality of Chinese business etiquette
  • The concepts of guanxi and mianzi and their importance in Chinese culture
  • To apply cultural intelligence as you make plans to do business in China
  • Culturally appropriate behavior and modes of communication when meeting Chinese associates
  • Etiquette typical of a Chinese banquet, from beginning to end
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Doing Business in India

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This course provides the fundamentals of Indian business etiquette from a cultural perspective. It addresses typical situations that occur while doing business in India. Through this 4 hour online course you will learn:

  • Some of the operant values that affect your ability to connect with your Indian business associates
  • Ways to prepare for a business trip to India
  • Etiquette appropriate for a typical first-time business meeting with Indian associates
  • Etiquette appropriate for a typical dining experience in an Indian home
  • Considerations for hosting Indians
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Business Finance Basics (Videos)

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eLearning by Monster offers online course in Business Finance focusing on the principles and strategies of finance and how you can help support the financial goals of your organization. This series covers:

  • Building Budgets That Affect Reality (Interview)
  • Capitalize Your Capital (Interview)
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Key Financial Ratios
  • Linking Financial Management with Organizational Goals
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Working through Budget Issues
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Fundamentals of Business Management

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The Fundamentals of Business Management series provides learners with basic theories, skills, and tools they can use to improve their performance as managers. This series contains 10 hours of online training on the following courses:

  • Management in Perspective
  • Functions of Front-Line Management
  • Managerial Finance and Accounting
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Leadership (Videos)

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When leaders create and communicate their vision, inspire others, implement strategy and champion change, organizations thrive.Our Leadership series includes 25 videos and interviews that help you enhance your leadership ability to create an environment of trust, credibility and integrity.

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Leading Successful Teams (Videos)

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Strong, cohesive teams are vital corporate assets and instrumental in achieving a variety of business goals. eLearning by Monster offers the series Leading Successful Teams containing 7 videos and interviews that teach you how to create, motivate and manage various types of teams to boost productivity and achieve positive results.

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The Manager’s Guide to Success (Videos)

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Never before has your contribution as a manager been more important to your organization. This means you are going to have to lead as well as to manage. You need to hire, develop, motivate and retain the right talent. If you're an experienced manager on the move or a new manager, you need answers and solutions, and you need them now. Our series on management offers 21 videos and interviews to help you become a successful manager.

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Introduction to Management Skills

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The Management Skills Introduction series contains 7 online courses that teach core management skills. Learners will be able to apply their knowledge to the successful management of projects, people, and time.

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Managing Change

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Change is an undeniable aspect of today's business world. The leaders of an organization are called upon to guide their teams through the change process and to provide a critical bridge between the old way of doing things and new work practices. This series shows managers the three major elements of leadership in times of significant change -- the need to refocus yourself, to lead the team, and to work effectively with individual team members.

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Managing Within the Law (Videos)

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There are a myriad of laws and regulations governing workplace issues such as discrimination, harassment and the hiring and dismissal of employees. Our series on managing within the law offers 18 online videos that will help protect you and your employees by educating you about the laws that must guide policy and behavior in the workplace.

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Motivation Skills

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This series presents the concepts of providing motivation for employees. It discusses developing a vision, a common goal, and direction for workers. Topics covered include using effective communication, conducting effective meetings, and encouraging creative problem-solving. The series also discusses rewarding effort and correcting mistakes without damaging motivation, building trust, and time and stress management.

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Motivation: Leading with a Vision

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This series covers the following topics on effective leadership and how to gain commitment from tem members:

  • Recognize sources of motivation
  • Identify the traits of an effective leader
  • Distinguish between leading and bossing
  • Explain the difference between commitment and compliance
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Negotiating Skills

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This series presents strategies for negotiating in business and daily situations. It covers techniques for developing a negotiation plan, evaluating the opposition, and taking advantage of body language, props, timing, questions, and correspondence. It presents strategies for gaining control in negotiation situations, and effective methods of getting past obstacles and closing a negotiation. Several everyday negotiation scenarios are explored, with tips for effective negotiation techniques to apply to these situations.

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Project Management

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This series provides a detailed examination of project management concepts and strategies. It discusses the seven components of a management system and the five phases of the project life cycle, and looks at factors that affect cost and quality. The project manager's role is explored in detail, and strategies for defining the project are examined. Tasks such as developing the Work Breakdown Structure, estimating and scheduling resources, scheduling computations, and tracking project activities are discussed. The close-out phase of a project is also covered. Other topics include formalizing project management standards, developing a project team, and strategies for becoming a more effective project manager.

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Sarbanes Oxley Act

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This series provides an overview of the Sarbanes Oxley Act. Learners will master guidelines for making company policies, procedures, systems, and controls Sarbanes-Oxley compliant. Learners will also examine management certification responsibilities and noncompliance penalties under the Act. This series contains the following two courses:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Overview, Disclosures, and Reporting
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Standards, Regulations, and Penalties
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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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This series works to educate managers and non-managers about the causes and effects of sexual harassment in the work environment. This series includes 4 online courses that help define behavior as harassment, identify methods that can be used to prevent it from occurring, as well as ways to deal with the situation if it happens.

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Teams that Work

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This series teaches the learner practical methods for establishing and maintaining teams that maximize the collective strengths of their members. Learners will also acquire valuable team leadership skills.

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Workplace Environment (Videos)

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The workplace continues to change and evolve into a complex and often ambiguous environment. Issues such as harassment, discrimination and violence have become significant problems within this landscape. Our workplace environment programs explore the causes and consequences of these issues and specific preventive actions you can take to handle potential problem situations.

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