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The Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants (ICEC) was established in the US in 1996 and is the credential for non-technical Managers in the area of eCommerce and Internet Technology. ICEC offers the Certified E-Commerce Consultant designation, designed for E-Commerce and E-Business managers and consultants. Complete certification details are located at the CEC Web site at

eLearning by Monster offers the Running an Online Business series for applicants interested in the Certified E-Commerce Consultant (CEC) Certification.

Running an Online Business Buy Running an Online Business now

This comprehensive online course from eLearning by Monster prepares students for the requirements of the ICEC Certified E-Commerce Consultant Certification. This certification is for anyone interested in starting an online business.

This series examines topics related to creating an e-business. After providing an introduction to e-commerce, the series examines how to start an e-business, establishing a business presence, and creating critical applications. Also covered are the legal ramifications of e-commerce, transaction processing and data mining, managing costs, and the logistics of providing customer service and payment processing. Other topics covered include building a strategy to market and advertise your e-business, resource planning, and ongoing business management.

The series covers 55 hours of training time, and the course can be completed online at your own time and convenience.

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